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Notice of Intended Prosecution
Careless Driving | Motoring Solicitor

Careless Driving

The careless driving offence actually has a very wide definition.  The driver does not have to be driving a motor vehicle but any mechanically propelled vehicle and the careless driving offence can take place not only on public roads but any other place to which the public has access.  As dedicated traffic lawyers we will not shy away from questioning, exposing and exploiting any weakness in a prosecution case against any of our clients who face an allegation of careless driving.

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Drink Driving Lawyer | Motoring Solicitor

Drink Driving Lawyer

Robert Bimpson is wildly acknowledged to be an expert in the defence of drink driving charges. He has been dedicated to the defence of clients since 1989 and his wealth of experience will be used to personally ensure you receive the best advice and the best possible outcome to your case.

Our success rate in either avoiding or greatly reducing a driving ban is huge.

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Speeding Ticket | Motoring Solicitor

Speeding Ticket

Do not assume that photographic or police evidence cannot be challenged. It can. If you believe that any evidence is wrong, you should contact us immediately.  To secure a conviction, the court has to be sure as to the accuracy of any evidence, that you were speeding. If this evidence fails to meet the required standards, we will argue before the court that there should be no conviction. If the court agrees with the argument you may well avoid a driving ban.

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Rob Bimpson Motoring Lawyer

Motoring Lawyer

Robert Bimpson has been a solicitor since 1989 and is wildly acknowledged to be an expert in the defence of motorists facing prosecution for all motoring offences. His knowledge and experience of even the most technical defences is vast and will be used to get you the best possible outcome.


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Motorists driving too close to cyclists when passing

West Midlands police is the first police force to specifically target drivers of motor vehicles who pass too closely to cyclists.In future motorists could face prosecution for careless driving or  dangerous driving if , when passing a cyclist on the...

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Penalties for using a mobile phone while driving set to increase

As with a large number of other motoring offences, the penalties to be imposed for using a mobile phone whilst driving are set to increase in the near future.A recently published report by the RAC has discovered a rapid increase in the number of drivers...

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More Ways We Can Help You

Case Study - How to reduce or remove a driving ban

If a person is disqualified from driving for a period of 3 years they can make an application for early removal of the  ban after serving 2 years of it.  If the ban is over 3 years the application is made after serving at least half .

 The application must be made to the court that imposed the ban.  No application can be made for early removal of a driving ban if  the court made an order that a compulsory retest is taken, for example following a conviction for dangerous driving.

 We can regularly obtain the removal of clients driving bans.  There should have been no offending since the date of the driving ban.  The reason must be sufficiently compelling so as to convince the magistrates to remove it.  We regularly base appliations upon loss of employment, improved job prospects with a car, health or family reasons. If you are contemplating making an application to reduce your driving ban call us for a genuine assessment of your prospects of success. 

Traffic Lawyer 4 U | Protecting You Against Motoring Offence Prosecution

Remember, if any potential prosecution is to be defended successfully, the sooner work begins on your defence the better. Do not be tempted to forget about it and hope it will go away, It Won't!!!

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